PVC Fascia Soffit & Guttering replacement By Lakeside Windows

Your roofline is one of the most exposed elements of a building.


At Lakeside Window Systems We offer a complete solution for this vulnerable area with


Our comprehensive range of PVC Fascia Soffit & Guttering.


In a choice of styles and colours which retain their good looks and will not decay


For replacement of badly rotted timber fascias and soffits, full replacement of timber with uPVC is the ideal solution





The Benifits of PVC Fascia Soffit & Guttering




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PVC Fascia Soffit & Guttering


  • PVC is a low maintenance
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable material
  • Unlike timber, toxic preservatives or coatings are unnecessary
  • Does not rot, decay or suffer from attack by insects of vermin
  • It is not effected by corrosion or pollution
  • Smooth durable scratch resistant surface



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